Meet ‘Willie’, an LCD-covered bus that could turn your commute into a blinding ordeal

It’s surprising how often people want to come up with solutions to problems that don’t exist. For instance, I rarely think, “advertisements aren’t distracting enough.” But, for anyone who does, there is this. It’s called the ‘Willie’, and it’s a concept for a bus that allows video to be projected all along its sides.

The concept designed by Tad Orlowiski is supposed to make use of transparent LCD screens, which would allow the display of images while simultaneously not interfering with the passengers views. This sounds pretty damn sci-fi, but apparently transparent LCD is a real, expensive technology.

According to Top Gear, Orlowiski says that “The city bus can be transformed into a mobile billboard displaying advertisements or film clips or provide passengers with additional information and entertainment such as route plans, weather reports, press and TV coverage as well as tourist information.”

That sounds good, but can you imagine this thing actually driving next to you? Being assaulted with soft drink ads brighter than the sun’s corona while you are trying to merge might be a bit … frustrating. When we are all driving in autonomous cars, this might not be a problem. But some of us like driving, not to mention having non-sizzled corneas.

And it’s not just drivers who would be at the mercy of this massive glowing ad. If this giant Willie is driving through your neighborhood at night, let’s hope you have some good blackout curtains.

You gotta admit, though, if any concept is going to come to fruition, it’s going to be one that allows for more ads. 

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