Aston Martin DB Junior convertible brings childhood dreams to reality for $27,000

Some of the greatest days of my childhood were spent speeding around my driveway in my blue Cozy Coupe miniature, dreaming that it was a super-cool car the likes of an Aston Martin.

As I ripped around my childhood driveway, I dreamt it would magically turn into a real, road-going coupe. With the release of the Aston Martin DB Junior convertible by Nicholas Mee & Company LTD, it seems that a very lucky, albeit spoiled, child will get to live out my fantasy.

Powered by a 110cc motor with a three-speed semi-auto gearbox, the DB Convertible is a child-size replica of iconic Aston Martin convertibles of the 1960s.

While the $27,000 price tag might seem a bit steep to some, it’s rather quite reasonable considering that is only 1/44th of the price of the real deal but more than 1/44th the size.

For 27 large, Aston Martin includes all the features you would expect in the famous James Bond cruiser: coil over suspension, electric start, lights, and Brembo Brakes. Additionally, children have 1000s of paint color options and the choice of vinyl or leather.

While most spoiled American children are running around in miniature Camaros and Jeeps, Aston Martin has once again proven it is the gold standard for exclusivity.

After all, no other brand can rocket your child to instant stardom when they’re seen ripping up the roads in a miniature Aston that costs more than a Volkswagen Jetta.