Audi and Joost Arijs have made the most Belgian thing ever: a chocolate-covered TT

Auto detailers look away; things are about to get very painful for you.

At the 24th International Biannual Design Fair in Belgium, Audi teamed with Joost Arijs patisserie to create probably the most Belgian thing ever: a TT completely covered in designer chocolate.

27,000 separate pieces were used to cover almost every inch of the vehicle’s exterior, minus a few patches where hungry onlookers snagged a piece or two.

The TT’s exterior designer Dany Garand used the display to highlight the third-gen car’s aesthetic philosophy, which goes well beyond making a ‘sweet’ ride.

“The first-generation TT was a lot of circles and spheres with a lot of geometric intersection,” explains Garand. “The second-generation was also very [circle and sphere-oriented], but they were blending into each other, they were not so clearly intersecting.”

“We chose with this new generation we will go with a lot more tension instead [of circles]. We broke from the first-generation TT by having more straight lines intersecting more clearly.”

One of the highlights of the new Audi TT is the sleek and focused dashboard, which Garand says was designed to keep primary information accessible in a stylish way.

“We tried to eliminate the distraction left and right to the driver, that means all the information [is] combining now in the field of vision,” he explains. “That means navigation information, car information, everything is very close.”

As for the sports car ‘surprise,’ Garand says it’s a simple combination of guilty pleasures: sweet-tasting indulgence and four-wheeled joy.

“Chocolate is world-wide appreciated, I think it’s a good match for the TT.”

Now, to find a good detailer in Belgium.

(Video by WOW TV)