Boys and their toys: Can an Audi S1 rally car get shown up by its own RC scale replica?

We’d normally encourage rally car driver Mattias Ekström to pick on someone his own size, but in this case, we think the little guy can handle it. In this video, Audi put together an unusual shootout between Ekström’s S1-based EKS RX rally car and … a 14-year-old child with an RC car.

We’re not talking about some kid with an off the shelf toy, however. The diminutive combatant in question is Micha Widmaier, two-time junior RC car champion who has an S1 rally car of his own, just scaled down to something a little more his style.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 12.49.42 PM

With a warehouse filled and surrounded by vintage trucks and buses, the Audi’s go head to head to see who can out shine each other with a friendly gymkhana. It almost doesn’t seem fair when one competitor can flatten the other entirely under a single tire.

Ekström’s rally racer packs a turbocharged 2.0-liter four pot, putting out 560 horsepower, sending it through to Audi’s patented quattro all-wheel-drive system via a six-speed sequential transmission. The power advantage over Widmaier’s car is considerable, but the EKS RX weighs in the area of 3,000 lbs whereas the RC car weighs like, five.

The RC car gives its big brother quite the run for its money, using its size to slip under and between places the rally can’t follow, forcing him to drive around obstacles. It’s all clearly a bit of fun, with no real competition, just two boys with their respective toys horsing around, much to our enjoyment. Our only complaint is that the minute-and-a half video is way too short for the amount of fun being had, and we’d love to see an extended cut.