Keen to make the A3 cool, Audi targets hipsters with dealership parties

The Audi A3 sedan is coming to the United States next month and Audi has made it clear it’s not targeting the usual luxury group. In fact, the German automaker is looking to the opposite side of the social spectrum hipsters, to drive off the lot in the new compact luxury sedan.

While Audi isn’t using the word hipster directly – labels aren’t a hipster thing – the brand has released a 64-page guide for the release of the new model that is so hipster it should come with a mustache comb.

The guide includes everything a person who hasn’t been to Portland or Brooklyn would need to know to plan a hipster party. From craft brews and farm-fresh food to music I listened to on my record player this weekend, the guide seems to have hipsters pegged. Even the A3’s slogan “stay uncompromised” is made with thick glasses and man-purses in mind, which is central to the “hipster struggle”.

After all, the hipster life isn’t nearly as simple as buying pants so tight you can read credit card numbers through them like brail. You also have to throw parties. And Audi is all over it. Accordingly, Audi dealers will be hosting A3 parties next month, which will correspond with the on-sale date of the new compact four-door.

By marketing Audi towards hipsters, the luxury brand is playing the long game. Audi is hoping that even hipsters who don’t have the money to fork over the A3 now will have the image of the car burned into their memory, drawing them in later on.

While most would think the hipster guide for the A3 launch would be shoved in a drawer at the dealership and “misplaced”, Audi showrooms are actually embracing the party plan and doing their best to embrace the hipster lifestyle.

It will be interesting to see how the new A3 stacks up with the Mercedes CLA. We’ll be driving the A3 this week, so be sure to check back for our first drive report soon.

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