Audi’s thinly veiled (literally) teaser video hints at new A8 and S8 sedans

audis thinly veiled literally teaser video hints at new a8 and s8 sedans audi screen

Car companies love to treat the unveiling of their new models like the arrival of a long awaited motorized messiah.

Audi has released a video teasing two upcoming models, both shrouded in messianic robes/tarps, which we all expected would be making their official debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now it seems though that the cars will be presented about three weeks prior, with an event scheduled for August 21, which will be streamed online. 

More often than not, the stage for unveiling events takes place at auto shows (like the Frankfurt event) or lavish parties, although with Mazda’s recent unveiling of its all new Mazda 3 model over Xbox Live, the stage is set for automakers to get a little more creative and try new things.

That seems to be what Audi is doing for its upcoming redesigned 2015 S8 and A8 models.

So how exactly do we know it’s the S8? We credit our super-sleuthing x-ray vision frame-by-frame ninja video skills for spotting a few clues. Audi has long been placing vehicle designations on its promotional license plates and if you watch the video very, very closely you can see the letters “S8” on the front. Scoop! It also looks like the S8 will be getting an aggressive grille treatment as well.

Audi’s trick new Matrix LED headlights can be seen activating under the billowing bedsheets, meaning the face-lifted S8 and A8 should be easy to spot driving down the road.

Take a look and let us know in comments what you think the new 8-series Audis should include: