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Audi is undeniably one of the leaders in the luxury car space, competing head to head with the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, and Lexus.

2025 Audi Q6 e-tron front three quarter view.

Audi Q6 e-tron ushers in the automaker’s next EV phase

The 2025 Audi Q6 e-tron is the first EV based on the new Premium Platform Electric, promising improved efficiency and better tech.
Audi Q4 E-Tron SUV in blue.

2023 Audi Q4 E-Tron first drive: the predictable and traditional EV SUV we need

2022 Audi Q4 E-Tron

The Sonos-Audi partnership isn’t as exciting as we’d hoped

Audi e-tron GT front angle

2022 Audi e-tron GT first drive review: This slot car needs no track

2022 Audi E-Tron GT

Audi’s electric 2022 RS E-Tron GT is a concept that escaped the drawing board

2020 Audi Q4 Sportback E-Tron concept

Audi’s Q4 Sportback E-Tron will have customizable LED headlamps, 279-mile range

2021 Audi Q5

Audi’s updated Q5 receives extra power, better infotainment, and OLED lights

audi argues ev charging speed is as important range e tron 55 quattro  endurance test

Why charging speed is as important as range for owners of electric cars

2019 audi e tron electric suv review first drive press 1

Here’s how Audi increased the electric E-Tron’s driving range

2020 Audi E-Tron Sportback is all about style, but still has substance

global debut of second all electric audi e tron at la auto show 6354 laasheroimage

2020 Audi E-Tron Sportback, RS Q8 confirmed for 2019 LA Auto Show

2020 audi s8 news specs performance

2020 Audi A8 gains plug-in hybrid powertrain, sporty S8 model

rear wheel drive audi r8 rwd announced for 2020 launch v10 spyder

Audi’s tail-wagging rear-wheel-drive R8 will play an encore in 2020

Audi made the limited-edition R8 RWS a regular production model by popular demand, and Digital Trends learned the model might reach American shores. Like the RWS, the RWD gets a de-tuned version of the regular R8's 5.2-liter V8, and unique chassis tuning that allows it to drift.
instead of metal plating addarmor uses a poly carbonate weave ten times stronger than ballistic steel dkdr4cog

This stylish armored Audi can go 200 mph and stop bullets

Instead of metal plating AddArmor uses a poly-carbonate weave, ten times stronger than ballistic steel and sixty percent lighter. Not only does this not hinder accelerating, just as important, it does not hinder braking either. 
2020 Audi A6 Allroad

Audi’s rugged A6 Allroad wagon is finally coming back to the U.S.

The 2020 Audi A6 Allroad is a lifted station wagon that boasts some off-road tech, and it's finally coming back to the U.S. In Europe, the A6 Allroad gets one of Audi's TDI diesel powertrains, but the U.S. version uses a gasoline mild-hybrid powertrain.
2020 audi rs 4 avant photos and specs

The 2020 Audi RS 4 Avant proves the best car is always a wagon

Performance wagons like the 2020 Audi RS 4 Avant provide the perfect blend of speed and practicality, but they are rare in the United States. Audi won't sell the RS 4 Avant here, for example. But Audi will bring the larger, 600-horsepower RS 6 Avant wagon to these shores.
2020 audi rs q3 sportback keep five cylinder engine rsq3 sb 000003

The 2020 Audi RS Q3 is a souped-up SUV you’ll have to admire from afar

Enthusiasts worried Audi would deep-six its sonorous five-cylinder engine can sleep easy. It makes a comeback in both variants of the RS Q3, and it's tuned to deliver 400 hp to the four wheels via Quattro all-wheel drive. Inside, the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment system learn a few new tricks.
Audi A5 Coupé

The 2020 Audi A5 gets some style tweaks and a new infotainment system

The 2020 Audi A5 gets a mild styling refresh and a new infotainment system with a 10.1-inch touchscreen. The changes apply to the 2020 Audi A5 coupe, convertible, and Sportback, as well as the S5 versions of those body styles. Audi hasn't said whether the RS 5 coupe and Sportback will be changed for 2020.
2019 audi e tron earns iihs top safety pick

2019 Audi E-Tron is the first electric car to earn top IIHS safety rating

The 2019 Audi E-Tron is the first electric car to earn an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ rating. But the IIHS hasn't tested the Audi's two main rivals -- the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X. Audi can at least promote the E-Tron's high score in relation to gasoline SUVs.
audi sport announces plans to show six new models before 2020 car teaser

Audi Sport will unleash 6 new, redesigned performance cars in the next 4 months

Audi Sport announced plans to introduce six cars by the end of 2019. Looking at the dark teaser image it released, we think we see two variants of the RS Q3, an RS4, an RS6, an RS7, and an RS Q8. We'll see them in the next four months, but don't expect all of them to be sold in the United States.
2019 Audi Q3

2019 Audi Q3 first drive review

The 2019 Audi Q3 isn’t perfect, but it’s very good. This is a small SUV that you can use and enjoy every day. It’s small enough to take into the city without a worry, and big enough to haul your stuff and be comfortable. Most of all, it’s affordable. The Q3 really covers all the bases very well.
2020 audi s6 us specs and pricing

2020 Audi S6 sedan with performance-enhancing mild-hybrid tech will come to U.S.

The 2020 Audi S6 sedan boasts a mild-hybrid powertrain making 444 horsepower, and Audi promises greater responsiveness thanks to an electric compressor. The S6 is a sportier version of the Audi A6 sedan. It goes on sale in the U.S. soon with a base price of $74,895.
audi q3 sportback

Audi Q3 Sportback crossover is a mini Q8 that won’t come to the U.S.

The Audi Q3 Sportback is the latest in a long line of SUV coupes. It's a version of the new second-generation Q3 with different styling meant to give it a sportier look. But this pint-sized Audi won't be sold in the U.S. Audi plans to begin European sales this fall.
audi a8 predictive adaptive suspension system  european spec

Audi’s latest suspension system can help protect you during a crash

The Audi A8 is getting a more sophisticated adaptive suspension system for the European market. The system can raise or lower the body in a fraction of a second, improving ride, handling, and even safety, according to Audi. It's unclear if the U.S.-market Audi A8 will get the system as well.
audi r8 lms gt2 race car 2019 goodwood festival of speed

Audi R8 not hardcore enough for you? Check out the LMS GT2 race car

The Audi R8 LMS GT2 is the latest racing version of Audi's R8 supercar. Audi claims the LMS GT2 is its most powerful R8 race car yet. The car was designed to compete in a new class aimed at amateur drivers. Audi unveiled the R8 LMS GT2 at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed.
2020 audi q7 gets updated styling and tech

2020 Audi Q7 gets a face-lift, updated infotainment system, mild-hybrid tech

The 2020 Audi Q7 gets a handful of updates, incorporating tech from other recent Audi models. Audi's three-row family hauler gets revised styling and an MMI infotainment system from the Q8, as well as 48-volt mild-hybrid tech. The 2020 Audi Q7 goes on sale in Europe in mid-September.
audi sq8 tdi diesel performance suv

Audi’s 429-horsepower SQ8 TDI proves diesels don’t have to be slow

The Audi SQ8 TDI is a sportier version of the Audi Q8 SUV. Its diesel powertrain means the SQ8 TDI won't come to the United States, but it will give European buyers a new performance SUV option. Under the hood sits a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 making 429 hp and 664 pound-feet of torque.
Audi TT 20th Anniversary Edition

Audi TT will get the ax to make way for electric cars — and the R8 may be next

Once a design leader, the Audi TT will meet its demise to make room in Audi's lineup for more electric cars. Audi executives confirmed plans to kill off the TT at the automaker's annual shareholder meeting. Audi plans to replace the TT with an electric model in the future.
2019 audi a4 europe 2020

The 2019 Audi A4 gets a noticeable face-lift, and adds hybrid power

Audi last tweaked the design of the Audi A4 a year ago, making mild changes to the exterior, but there are much larger changes on the way, both inside and out. The latest refresh gives the A4 a sportier, more aggressive appearance, and pushes the fuel economy to nearly 40 mpg.
2019 Audi TT RS

2019 Audi TT RS gets subtle cosmetic surgery ahead of its trip to the Big Apple

The 2019 Audi TT RS gets a minor face-lift, but it keeps its signature turbocharged inline-five engine. The updated TT RS makes its United States debut at the 2019 New York Auto Show. The Audi TT is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, with a special-edition version also hitting showrooms.
2020 Audi S7 (European spec)

2020 Audi S6 and S7 aim to boost performance without sacrificing fuel economy

The 2020 Audi S6 and S7 are sportier versions of the Audi A6 sedan and A7 fastback, respectively. Both cars use a mild-hybrid powertrain, which generates 450 horsepower in U.S. spec. U.S. cars get a gasoline engine, but other markets will get a diesel instead.
Audi R8 V10 Decennium

Audi R8 V10 Decennium celebrates 10 years of 10-cylinder power

The Audi R8 V10 Decennium celebrates 10 years of V10 engines in Audi's supercar. Limited to just 222 units worldwide, it features model-specific styling elements and the most powerful version of Audi's 5.2-liter V10. The R8 V10 Decennium debuts at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.
Audi e-tron ski slope

Watch a modified Audi e-tron electric SUV drive straight up a ski slope

A modified Audi e-tron climbed up an 85-percent gradient on an Austrian ski slope in a tribute to a classic Audi commercial. The vehicle used for the stunt sported an extra electric motor and spiked tires. The Audi e-tron was driven by World Rallycross champion Mattias Ekström.
2019 audi q8 review se 30

2019 Audi Q8 review

The 2019 Audi Q8 sits atop the Q7 in Audi’s SUV lineup. The Q8 tries to live up to its flagship status with more tech, and a greater emphasis on style and performance, as well as some references to Audi’s rallying past. Audi’s latest SUV competes against a wide array of vehicles from the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Land Rover.

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