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John Elkin

John Elkin

Worked for many off road and rally and sports car publications throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Decided to go look for a career, raise a family and rescue a few dogs while rallying. Now retired with a teenager that doesn't need me anymore (he thinks), the dogs seem happy and a Wife busy running her own business, I have come back to writing again.

cannonball run record shattered in mercedes benz arne  doug portofino inn

There’s a new ‘Cannonball Run’ record for driving across the USA

Three intrepid men took on the challenge of breaking the transcontinental record for traveling from New York to California at very high rates of speed to claim the quickest time ever recorded.
top gear america returns dax shepard rob corddry hosts of and jethro bovingdon 3

Top Gear America is coming back with Dax Shepard and Rob Corddry

Is the third time the charm for an American version of the worldwide phenomenon known as Top Gear? MotorTrend will host the show's latest incarnation on its streaming app, with hosts Dax Shepard, Rob Corddry, and Jethro Bovingdon taking on the wildly challenging circumstances that Top Gear producers will put them in.
2019 nissan leaf plus review 11

Nissan teams up with EVgo to provide free charging of Leaf vehicles in U.S.

Nissan and EVgo have announced that they are providing new Nissan Leaf owners and lessees access to EVgo's U.S. charging network through a new program, called Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo. Nissan is hoping that the new program will encourage more U.S.-based drivers to switch over to an electric vehicle.
the castaway adds a chromium powered second screen to your smartphone in car

U.S. automakers were leading targets of hackers in 2018, FBI says

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a report to select private companies that automakers were the leading targets for hackers during 2018. This is not a new threat but it is an increasing one that has spurred recalls by several automakers, the law enforcement agency says.
gm electric pickup scheduled for 2021 debut detroit hamtramckassembly plant 720x300

GM’s electric pickup coming for Tesla and Rivian in 2021

General Motors announced that a 2021 debut is in the works for an all-electric pickup truck to go up against competition from Tesla and Rivian for the business of a new kind of truck buyer who will embrace an electric platform.
2019 Chevrolet Silverado Full Line review

GM recalls 640,000 vehicles for carpet fire risk

A faulty seat belt pretensioner could expel hot gases and ignite carpeting after an accident in 2019-2020 GM trucks. In all 640,000 trucks are involved in the recall, although GM believes only one percent of those are actually at risk.

MIT finds that it might take a long time for EVs to be as affordable as you want

According to a study, MIT found flaws in the theory that electric vehicles could achieve price parity with gas-powered ones in the next five years. The biggest factor is the price of lithium-ion batteries, which make up a huge chunk of an EV's cost.
volkswagen motorsport ceases non electric racing worldwide 9941 idrnurburgringtop1

Volkswagen to cease all non-electric motor sports programs

Volkswagen will be ceasing all motor sports ventures that incorporate an internal combustion engine, according to a statement released Friday. The move further underlines Volkswagen's commitment to electric vehicles (EVs), and comes as a surprise to the motor sports world.
White Ford Mustang Mach-E driving in the snow.

Rumor has it that Ford will build a tuned Shelby edition of the new Mach-E

The polarizing response to Ford's announcement of a new Mach-E Mustang immediately started a rumor mill of ideas, including the possibility of a Shelby version of the electric vehicle. Hardcore Mustang enthusiasts are slow in accepting a four-door pony car with the name Mustang.
land speed record bloodhound lsr 75424634 10157259968306936 6195416064495452160 o 720x480

The Bloodhound Land Speed Car saw its paint peel off in a 600-plus-mph test run

Former RAF pilot Andy Green and the Bloodhound LSR team made considerable strides on the floor of the South African desert testing the car for further assaults on its own land speed record, and then the 1,000-mile-per-hour barrier.
tesla supercharger v3 thumbnail

Tesla begins rolling out its fast-charging V3 Superchargers

Tesla has rolled out the V3 Supercharger which has the capacity to fully charge a vehicle in as little as 15 minutes. A quick five minute charge can give an owner in a hurry a 75 mile range. Tesla is adding this new charging technology to its network of 12,000 charging stations worldwide.
global debut of second all electric audi e tron at la auto show 6354 laasheroimage

2020 Audi E-Tron Sportback, RS Q8 confirmed for 2019 LA Auto Show

Audi has picked the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show to make the global debut of the 2020 e-tron Sportback. Several other models will make their global debut here as well; the 2020 RS models including the Audi RS 6 Avant and RS 7, and -- the highlight -- the global debut of the high-performance SUV, the Audi RS Q8.
2020 volkswagen id 3 electric car orders open first edition detailed vw official 1

Volkswagen CEO says ID.3 will be 40% cheaper to make than the e-Golf

Volkswagen has made changes to the way it is going to produce electric vehicles. Through design changes such as making the battery a part of the vehicles' structure and refitting factories for strictly EV construction, VW is looking to be the leader in EV sales worldwide.
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Fiat-Chrysler pressured dealers to take extra inventory to boost sales numbers

Recently Fiat-Chrysler recently had about 40,000 vehicles backed up in storage lots which was causing tension with some dealers who were being prodded into bringing on board more inventory than they wanted from the manufacturer.
Genesis Mint concept

Hyundai Motor Group develops world’s first Road Noise Active Noise Control tech

Through six years of research and development and several partnerships across industry and academia, Hyundai finally unlocks the technology for a truly revolutionary noise-canceling system. It is lighter and faster than anything before it and it will debut on the Genesis line soon.
2019 Toyota Corolla hatchback

Toyota partners with weather firm to use wiper blade data to predict weather

Japanese weather forecaster Weathernews has teamed up with Toyota to utilize its data communication module technology to pinpoint windshield wiper usage and therefore low-level rain that does not appear on weather radar. This technology will help drivers prepare for wet roads.
nsa google cookies cookie monster cookiemonster 588537

Cookie Monster is back as a voice for Waze. Here’s how to set it up

In honor of the Cookie Monster and his birthday, Waze, the Google-owned navigation program, is bringing back his voice. Now Cookie Monster can you tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street. Like earlier this year it is expected to be available for a limited time.
Honda Civic Si Prototype

Honda joins GM, Mercedes, Toyota in self-driving group

Honda has thrown its hat in the self-driving-vehicle ring by joining the Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium (AVSC). The AVSC was formed in April of 2019 and already includes SAE International, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Uber ATG, Daimler, and Lyft as members. 
mid engined chevrolet corvette news rumors specs 2020  mem 2

Highly anticipated C8 Corvette is delayed until February

Chevrolet announced that the new mid-engine 2020 Corvette C8 has been delayed until February due to the six-week GM work stoppage. Originally scheduled for delivery around Christmas time, Corvette fans will need to show some patience.
ford buys quantum signal to aid self driving car development argo ai fusion autonomous prototype in detroit

Most people want to keep their cars away from full self-driving, study says

What about when the autonomous machine takes over and we are reduced to nothing more than freight?  That is what SAE International wanted to know in a poll conducted over 18 months to find the level of trust Americans have in autonomous vehicles.
novitec announces suspension tweaks and body kit for tesla model 3 9

Hail a cab in New York City soon and you might step into a Tesla

To qualify a Tesla will need a Dupont M6284 yellow paint job, proper signage, interior security cameras, and a fare meter. Once outfitted the vehicle can run for seven years under an unrestricted medallion issued by the TLC.  In a study of NYC taxicabs, each averages 192 miles per day.
2015 gmc yukon xl denali review family

More than 600,000 GM pickups and SUVs being recalled for a braking problem

General Motors has issued a recall for 638,068 Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks from 2014-2018 and Chevrolet and GMC SUVs from 2015-2020. The recall concerns a faulty wheel speed sensor that could, if it fails, cause the brake to engage on the opposite side of the faulty sensor.
ten minute charging time for lithium ion electric vehicles 492485

New battery design could mean EVs charge in only 10 minutes

Penn State researchers may have built a better battery for electric vehicles. The addition of nickel foil to lithium-ion batteries increased the charging time to a mere 10 minutes. The team found that after an astounding 2,500 fast-charging cycles their battery still had 91.7% capacity.
2021 F1 Car

Formula 1 shows off its 2021 designs, changes rules to balance the playing field

Over the years Formula 1 (F1) cars have been the definition of fast and sexy and in a statement released by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the sanctioning body of Formula 1, the new 2021 F1 car is living up to expectation.
BMW Mercedes

In latest prank, BMW ribs Mercedes-Benz with a Halloween joke

BMW and Mercedes Benz have had a raucous 100 year old rivalry that tests the old saying that the Germans have no sense of humor. In a recent post on BMW's merchandise website they advertised a Halloween costume for Mercedes Benz cars, a cover that makes any car look like a BMW M5.
Peugeot 308 GTi

Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot Citroen reach an agreement to merge

This morning, Wednesday October 30, 2019, it was announced that Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot Citroen were in talks about a merger that would create the fourth-largest automaker in the world. Several hours later the story was updated reporting the two sides had come to terms.
2019 Ford Edge Titanium

Ford issues safety recalls for three vehicle models in North America

Ford Motor Company has issued a North American recall notice for the 2015-17 Ford Transit Van, select 2019 Ford Edge vehicles and select 2019 Ford Expeditions and 2019 Lincoln Navigators. The reasons range from seat belts to suspension links to driveshaft issues.
10 craziest technologies banned f1 mclaren honda mp4 4  exotic fuels

McLaren applies F1 tech to health care, air-traffic control, Wi-Fi, and athletics

Business minds decided to take this amazing tech and see where else it could be applied, and the answer was in an endless amount of places. is big in the health care field implanting sensors into patients who have had strokes, are recovering from surgery, or are at risk of developing diabetes.
Tesla Model S

Tesla’s pop-out handles blamed for death after accident

According to a wrongful death lawsuit, a police officer couldn’t open the doors of a Tesla Model S because the handles were retracted, and bystanders watched as the car filled with smoke and flames. The suit further claims the fire originated with the car’s lithium-ion battery.
senate overturns fcc net neutrality repeal chuck schumer nancy pelosi mem 4

Senator Schumer proposes a bold plan to move the U.S. to EVs

Senator Chuck Schumer on Thursday submitted a bold plan for a $454 million trade-in program to remove millions of gasoline-powered vehicles from the road and replace those with all-electric or hybrid new vehicles built in the U.S. This would result in 63 million fewer gas-powered cars on the road by 2030.
the p4 platform has also been testing at toyotas closed course facility in michigan tri platform4 1500x1000

Toyota leapfrogs competition: Level 4 self driving due next summer

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) announced in a press release today that its Platform 4 (P4) automated driving test vehicle will be available for public demonstration rides next summer in Tokyo. The P4 is based on a Lexus LS sedan.
dynamo cab has a big job in london black

120 years later, fully electric black cabs are back in London

The fully electric Dynamo cab has a big job ahead of itself. It has to clean up air quality and keep people moving. This is newest member of the exclusive London Black Cab fleet which numbers about 20,000, however many of those are diesel-powered.
Zotye T600

Chinese carmaker Zotye signs 100 dealerships in the U.S.

Starting in 2021, when considering a new vehicle to buy, you can add a new name to the list. Zotye is looking to be the first Chinese automaker to have a dealer network in place in the United States, with 100 dealerships already signed on. Zotye intends to eventually have a network of 350 dealers.
instead of metal plating addarmor uses a poly carbonate weave ten times stronger than ballistic steel dkdr4cog

This stylish armored Audi can go 200 mph and stop bullets

Instead of metal plating AddArmor uses a poly-carbonate weave, ten times stronger than ballistic steel and sixty percent lighter. Not only does this not hinder accelerating, just as important, it does not hinder braking either.