Jeff Zurschmeide

Jeff Zurschmeide

Jeff Zurschmeide is a freelance writer from Portland, Oregon. Jeff covers new cars, motor sports, and technical topics for a variety of newspapers, magazines, and online outlets. Additionally, Jeff is the author of eight published books on automotive topics, including photo histories of Portland International Raceway and Portland Speedway. His current automotive passion is divided between his 1976 Mini Cooper and his 1920 Model T Ford. His daily driver is a Mazda Miata, because duh.

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In exclusive interview, legendary racer tells us his plans for 1,000hp new Supra

The 2020 Toyota Supra is barely off the trucks at dealerships, but award-winning engine builder Stephan Papadakis is already tearing into it to find more power. He thinks 1,000 horsepower is possible from the new BMW/Toyota joint venture…

Vonnen can make you a 911 Hybrid before Porsche can

Vonnen has created an aftermarket hybrid system designed to boost performance on Porsche 911 models made since 2012. The system installs over the stock drivetrain and adds up to 150 foot-pounds of torque.

Is your EV actually powered by coal?

Electric vehicle naysayers sneer at your EV, saying it’s “powered by coal.” For most of America, that’s just not true. But it’s not completely false, either. Your source of electricity depends on where you live.

BMW shows us how advanced tech help make you a better driver

We wanted to understand how the alphabet soup of safety system acronyms in a modern car work together to keep the driver in control. To learn how it all works, we went to a place where we could safely take a car well past the edge of…
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2019 Audi Q3 first drive review

The 2019 Audi Q3 is an entirely new generation of Audi’s smallest crossover. Like all new SUVs, the new Q3 is bigger than the model it replaces. The new Q3 is designed to claim a bigger share of the growing “entry premium” small SUV…

How re-engineering an old technology could give us EVs with 700 miles of range

Battery supply has been a critical limiting factor in electric vehicle adoption. Now Portland-based XNRGI has developed a battery based on old silicon wafer technology, and it could revolutionize the battery industry.