Bling on the move: Cadillac is considering a sporty Escalade

Cadillac is reportedly planning a sporty version of the iconic Escalade, which may seem a bit odd considering its demographic.

The enormous Escalade is typically driven by hip hop stars, rich soccer moms, athletes and private security, groups who typically favor luxury and safety over blinding speed. The big Cadillac will still be offered in 7300-lb MTV Cribs mode, but now there looks to be an Escalade for everybody … everybody that can afford the $89,340 sticker price of a fully-optioned ESV Premium, that is.

A report by Auto News details statements by the vehicles’s brand manager, David Schiavone. He says General Motors is considering a twin-turbo V6 for the sporty Caddy, which may be dubbed V-sport.

There’s also a V6 turbodiesel being discussed, according to Schiavone. The 6.2-liter V8 will remain the primary engine choice.

It’s likely that GM decided to expand the Escalade’s range to increase global sales, as diesel units are extremely popular overseas. Additionally, small, turbocharged engines are generally more efficient than big V8s, further ensuring that the luxury SUV will be viable in other markets.

The fifth-generation ‘Lade shows moderate styling refinements over the previous gen. Vertical headlights accentuate the Cadillac’s sharper edges, and a new light setup up front makes it look much more streamlined and mature. It’s aft taillights may look a bit like a Volvo, but overall it’s an improvement.

It still features a grill larger than Kanye West’s ego, though. But compared to the rest of the car, it doesn’t necessarily shout, ‘Look at me, I’m driving an Escalade.’ Boldness is kind of the Escalade’s thing, and integrated into the SUV’s new athletic stance, it fits.

As emissions regulations increase in the coming years, a greener, more exciting Escalade means an Escalade that changes with the times. The luxury SUV has been an enormous hit for GM, but sales have slumped since the mid 2000s. To combat that, it looks like GM is committed to keeping the big Caddy fresh.