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BMW ponders expanding its DriveNow car-sharing program by 25 cities

bmw ponders expanding drivenow car sharing program 25 cities

Some motoring enthusiasts see car sharing as the end of the car industry as we know it. While that might be true, it doesn’t seem to be deterring some automakers – specifically BMW.

The most Bavarian of automakers is reportedly considering expanding its existing car-sharing program – DriveNow – by 25 cities worldwide. The move would greatly expand its already-large program, which presently serves 240,000 customers.

Presently, BMW offers cars for share in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Dusseldorf and San Francisco. DriveNow is being considered for 10 to 15 new cities in Europe and 10 more Stateside.

“[DriveNow] offers very good opportunities for us to attract new customers,” Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW board member in charge of DriveNow told Bloomberg.

What new customers does BMW want to court with an expanded DriveNow program? Specifically, Bimmer has its eyes set on the young crowd. Funny, Audi has the same aspirations.

Would you be willing to pay to share a BMW 1 Series in your city? Tell us in the comments.

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