BMW’s X2 coupe-like crossover set for 2017 production and battle with Mercedes GLA

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The BMW X2, BMW’s smallest coupe-like crossover, has finally been confirmed for production beginning in 2017.

The X2 has been on the table for quite a few years now and confirmed and halted a couple times now. Looks like BMW finally green-lit the model, and we’re finally learning some basic details.

The X2 will be built on the upcoming X1 platform. You know, the new front-wheel drive chassis, new MINI models.

According to BMW Blog, the X2 will follow the BMW Sport Activity Vehicle model line, including the X4. The X4, if you didn’t know, features a low roofline and an attractive profile. Although, I must say, the SAV design does take a little getting used to. As weird to behold as it might be, the design is an attempt to draw in the young consumer looking for a sporty, luxury SUV.

Under the hood, BMW is said to be offering a solid range of engines with three to four variations planned. Gasoline and diesel engines are expected to be available, with choices ranging between 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter iterations.

If you’re wondering what the heck the 2017 X2 is pitted against, it’s expected to to head-to-head with the Mercedes the Mercedes GLA and the Audi Q3.

(Main photo credit: BMW Blog)

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