‘Canadian supercar’ isn’t a punchline; it’s a reality, as Magnum teases the Mk5

canadian supercar isnt punchline reality magnum teases mk5 teaser
We won't know what it looks like for a week, but the lines point to a track-inspired road monster.

We have been hearing about the Canadian Magnum Mk5 for a while now – and no, it’s not a large condom – its a supercar. We still don’t know much, but we are getting closer, because a teaser video has just been released. 

You can’t see that much in the video, but the combination of open cockpit and lines strongly suggest a track car. This goes along with the few details we have. The car is said to be extremely light weight and track focused. 

Does a Canadian supercar sound boring to you? Well Canada isn’t all unlocked doors, maple syrup, and national healthcare. Their dirty little secret is that they drive like lunatics. Maybe their love of speed explains why their favorite sport is just a brawl on ice skates. 

The Canadian love of speed is reflected in the history of Magnum.

Though no one but the most dedicated racing fans might be aware of it, Magnum has been around since 1968 and has built racecars and components for such famous Formula One drivers as Gilles Villeneuve. Magnum has not only built its own open-wheeled racecars, they have worked with F1 legends like Renault, Lotus, and Williams.  

The company is currently helmed by racing driver Bruno St Jacques. That name is so obviously a porn name I think that the Magnum reference must be intentional. 

The car is due for a full release in a week, and I look forward to seeing if this is just another track car for the road, or an honest-to-god supercar. 

Magnum MK5 – New video teaser peeks under the cover from Magnum MK5 on Vimeo.