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Have $1,100 lying around? You can rent a Ferrari from CarHopper for a day

You may not want to cough up the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to own a Lamborghini, but just because you’re missing a few zeroes from your bank account doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to experience the roads from behind the steering wheel of a luxury car. That, at least, appears to be the ethos driving CarHopper, a high-end car rental marketplace that allows users to book cars directly from suppliers in under 60 seconds.

Available online and via its iOS and Android apps, CarHopper gives travelers the option of renting some of the most desired cars in the world. So instead of buying a Tesla, you can just rent one for a short time (though be warned, even a day in one of these cars will cost quite the pretty penny).

Currently available in Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, CarHopper allows its members to drive in the lap of luxury. You can search by date, destination, or car, and the website or app will filter available luxury cars in specific locations into a curated list. From there, simply select your car, confirm the reservation, and submit a final request to rent a vehicle in about a minute. And because CarHopper is working directly with luxury suppliers, the platform conducts a driving record check on renters before sending the rental request over to the fleet owners.

“We work directly with the best luxury car suppliers in each city to provide customers with a more seamless experience,” said Bora Hamamcioglu, founder and CEO at CarHopper. “With CarHopper, people can book anything from BMWs to Bentleys to Lamborghinis. We see enormous potential here to provide luxury travelers with the same level of premium service experience they’d expect in any other aspect of life.”

As per a report from Zio Market Research, the global luxury car rental market is slated to surpass $23.2 billion in just five years. CarHopper hopes to take a piece of that hefty pie by streamlining the rental process, and offering a business-to-consumer marketplace. By connecting renters directly to vendors, instead of to individual owners (where the quality of cars might vary), CarHopper claims to ensure a “seamless, consistent, and quality experience for users across all channels.” 

So if you’re willing to pay $1,100 a day for a Ferrari in Miami, or $599 a day for a Porsche in San Francisco, this may just be the rental platform for you.

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