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EV charging network leader introduces two new fast DC charging stations

When it comes to refueling vehicles, it’s not just “where you do it,” but also “how long will it take?” For electric vehicles (EVs) of all types to proliferate at a good rate, the charging infrastructure needs to move ahead of the curve so finding places to charge EVs on the road won’t be perceived as a potential obstacle. But having plentiful charging spots isn’t the only challenge — charging time matters, too. If drivers have to stop every 2 to 4 hours to recharge their vehicles and the process takes too long, the pushback will be strong. ChargePoint, an infrastructure company that currently handles the world’s largest network of EV charging stations, has announced ChargePoint Express Plus as an answer to our need for quicker charging.

Billed as the “next generation ultra-fast DC charging solution,” Express Plus is a modular platform planned for major roadways and depots. The Express Plus can supply as much as 400 kW to an EV, allowing for faster recharging. The platform is designed for long-distance drivers and larger vehicles, including buses and service trucks. Local commuters can utilize less-powerful charging stations, but regardless of vehicle size — whether talking a Chevy Bolt or a dump truck — high-demand users need capacity and speed.

“Express Plus is a platform built to support our vision for the future of DC fast charging: simple, ultra-fast, scalable and incredibly efficient charging that’s conveniently located where drivers need it for long trips,” said Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO. “Express Plus charging centers can start small and grow as needed by adding charging capacity without infrastructure upgrades. Together with our commercial and residential charging solutions, Express Plus will complete the fueling network to make fully electric transit a reality.”

According to ChargePoint, Express Plus chargers should be capable of fully charging an EV at a road stop in the time it takes the driver to get a drink and use the restroom. Looking ahead, ChargePoint says the Express Plus chargers will add hundreds of miles of driving range in under 15 minutes.

ChargePoint is also introducing Express 250, a standalone charging station that can add 90 miles of range in 30 minutes. Both stations will be available starting in July.

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