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Outrun zombies (and everything else) in this decked-out 730-HP Chevy Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 boasts impressive off-road capabilities, but one Illinois shop decided to take things a little further.

The Roadster Shop is known for building muscle cars and hot rods, but it recently tried its hand at an off-road vehicle as well. It turned a stock 2015 Colorado into a prerunner, a type of vehicle used to conduct reconnaissance of off-road race courses. Prerunners are essentially race trucks, but with more creature comforts. The result is something more extreme than you’ll ever see rolling out of the factory.

Known as the “ColoRADo,” the truck was extensively modified for its new role. While the cab appears to be stock, those massive fender flares that make the truck look like it’s been through a taffy puller definitely aren’t. The bodywork sits on a custom frame that repositions to the engine for better weight distribution. That engine also happens to be a 7.0-liter V8, which sends 730 horsepower to the rear wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission.

Upgraded suspension helps the truck make the most of that power. Fox Racing coilovers and other modifications allow 22 inches of suspension travel in front, and 27 inches at the back. That means the Colorado can travel over some pretty nasty terrain without breaking its occupants’ spines. Because while some off-road vehicles are meant to take it slow, this one is meant to cover the rough stuff in a hurry.

Most race vehicles have completely bare interiors to save weight, but as a prerunner that doesn’t compete in races, this Colorado had a little more leeway for creature comforts. The interior is mostly intact, with most of the factory trim in place. However, a roll cage, new dashboard and steering wheel, racing seats, and a digital instrument cluster set this truck apart from an ordinary Colorado.

Unless you’re planning on running the Baja 1000, this truck is probably overkill. But it’s cool to see an ordinary vehicle transformed into something extraordinary.

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