Chevrolet hints at Spark EV reveal at LA auto show

Chevrolet Spark EV

With the gasoline version having just hit showrooms earlier this year, we’re actually a bit surprised to see Chevrolet ready to unveil the Spark EV at the LA Auto Show later this month. But it’s happening, according to an official GM press release.

While exact figures have yet to been released, we can presume the absolutely tiny car won’t have a particularly impressive range, but will mostly likely be fast-charging.

Currently, Chevrolet only sells one EV: the Volt. In spite of the Volt having an on-board turbocharged 1.4-liter gasoline engine, it is still classified by the EPA as an EV. The Spark EV, however, will be a true electric only vehicle.

The Spark has surprised most industry analysts with strong sales considering its size and Americans reluctance to adopt a subcompact lifestyle. Perhaps most impressively, Spark sales have been exceptionally strong in Los Angeles, a city infamous for its auto addiction.

The Spark EV launch will also mark the introduction of the new MyLink infotainment system. The latest MyLink, which will be available first on the 2014 Impala, will include new levels of smartphone connectivity and improved personalization. Notably, the Spark, thanks to MyLink, is the first new car in the US not to be offered with a CD player option, relying solely on Bluetooth and iPod connectivity.

Check back here starting the 28th of November for more info on the Spark EV and all the other latest offerings from the LA Auto Show.

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