Chevrolet adding Theft Alarm Notification to its OnStar subscription service

OnStar Theft Alarm Notification

At the 2015 Powered by Innovation event in Detroit, Chevrolet debuted two new vehicles — the all-new Cruze and the 2016 Camaro convertible — but that’s not all the manufacturer had in store. The bowtie brand has announced a new feature that could help you prevent vehicle theft while you’re away.

As part of the OnStar subscription service, Theft Alarm Notification allows drivers to stay in contact with their vehicle at all times via their smartphone. If their car’s alarm system is triggered, they are notified via text, email, or call, and can alert the authorities as necessary. Currently, OnStar offers Remote Ignition Block and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, and the new theft alert feature is designed to work hand-in-hand with those functions.

“Prompt response and quick awareness of theft situations give customers a greater chance to recover stolen property,” said Sandor Piszar, director of Chevrolet truck marketing. “By leveraging the connection that OnStar provides, Chevrolet owners can remain in contact with their vehicle, even when it is out of sight.”

According to the automaker, if a properly equipped vehicle is commandeered, OnStar advisers will reach out to local authorities to help retrieve it. Using the car’s onboard GPS and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, the technicians can locate the car and reduce its velocity when deemed safe, potentially preventing a high-speed chase from occurring. Then, police can retrieve it and distribute justice as necessary. Most Chevrolet vehicles 2014 or newer are equipped to offer Theft Alarm Notification.

Chevrolet says Theft Alarm Notification will be most effective on vehicles fitted with the Theft Protection Package, as it includes glass breakage sensors, interior motion sensors, and an inclination/tilt sensor. The latter will trigger an alarm if the vehicle is lifted off the ground, and is currently available on upper trims of the full-size Tahoe and Suburban SUVs.

OnStar’s theft prevention service will be available to eligible subscribers later this summer.