Cosmos 4RWF V8 Muscle Bike Roars To Life For 2010

What do you get when you quit trying to build an engine to fit in a motorcycle frame and start trying to build a motorcycle around an engine? This.


The 4RWF takes abandons just about every motorcycle-building convention in favor of a design that looks like it was idly sketched in the margins of a sixth grader’s notebook. It’s part Boss Hoss, part Dodge Tomahawk, and more than a little bit of Batman’s Tumbler from The Dark Knight.

Brazilian mechanical engineer Amadeu Ferreira Junior designed the motorcycle around a 350-cubic-inch, Chevy ZZ4 crate engine, which puts out 355-horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque. Enough to drive a 4,000-pound hotrod fast, and enough to drive a 1,047-pound motorcycle really, really fast. It offers only three gears, plus reverse, because you’re not going to roll this thing backward under your own power.

What is this thing really capable of when you open it up? We’re not really sure, yet. Cosmos’ promotional video for the 4RWF shows it plodding along at a pretty tame pace on a highway, getting passed by semi trucks. And the design does not look like it takes kindly to hairpin turns. But plant it in front of your friendly neighborhood bike bar, and we’re pretty sure it will spark up conversation.

Not surprisingly, you won’t find the 4WRF on the floor of a non-existent Cosmos dealership any time soon. Ferreira will launch it as a strictly limited-edition machine, and owners will have to custom order the bike to have it built to their dimensions. The price: a princely $93,200, or $82,100 if you decide to go with the tamer two-wheeled version. More information (in somewhat broken English) can be found at Cosmos Muscle Bikes.