Dartz Jo-Mojo bulletproof electric roadster proves even mob bosses care about the environment

So let’s think about it for a second — you’re designing a car, you want it to be bulletproof, so you opt to design it with an open-air cabin? No it doesn’t make sense, but that is exactly what Dartz, a Latvian manufacturer, famous for its armored vehicles have done with its latest creation it calls the Jo-Mojo.

But wait, it gets better, prior to the Jo-Mojo’s creation, one of Dartz‘s flagship cars was the Prombron, a ultra high-end SUV which was upholstered in leather made from the foreskin of whale penises. We couldn’t have made that up even if we tried.

However, once you put aside Dartz previous snafu with the whale skin, and the bewildering blunder of the Jo-Mojo’s bulletproof side panel design, you see a sleek and promising little roadster. Not designed to be a gas guzzler like its whale of a big brother, the Jo-Mojo features an 80-horsepower electric motor and retractable solar panel that encloses over the cabin when parked and acts as the vehicles roof of sorts. The electric roadster is able to achieve a top speed of 125 mph and sprint speeds of 0-62 mph in 9.5 seconds. Not too shabby in our book.

Right now other details are slim, and unless we want to sleep with the fishes, we’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.