Does BMW have a 1-Series sedan in the works?

Does BMW have a 1-Series sedan in the works?

Take some comfort gearheads: as the inches and pounds pile on — and our waistlines begin to bulge as we travel down this road we call life, — so too have the cars we know and love  seen their own dimensions increase as they age. Take the BMW 3-Series for example, since its launch in 1975, the 3-Series has gained over 1,100 pounds, grown 10.5-inches in length, over eight inches in width, and nearly two-inches in height. Needless to say if the BMW 3-Series was a person it would probably have its own TV show on TLC.

What does that mean? Well, when you look at it, the 3-Series is continuously creeping up to 5-Series-like proportions. In fact, it’s already larger than the E28 and nearly the same size as the E34. But rather than place this Bavarian beauty on a diet, Autocar reports that BMW will soon be adding a 1-Series badged rear-drive smaller sedan that would act as a spiritual successor to the E30-generation 3-Series four door.

When, and if, it does indeed launch, the fun-sized sedan could offer some stiff competition to rivals Audi and its upcoming A3 sedan, and to long-time luxury nemesis Mercedes-Benz and its upcoming CLA sedan.

Powertrain options for the 1-Series reportedly includes both a four and six-cylinder engine, which would retain the same front-engine, rear-drive layout as earlier 1-Series models. Similar to what is currently on offer in the 3-Series segment, all-wheel-drive could also be available along with a rumored battery-powered electric version as well. Though, whether that battery-powered option will be offered as plug-in hybrid or pure electric remains to be seen.

If a junior-sized saloon has your engine revving that’s good, but beware you’ll need to exercise a modicum of patience. Any new introduction to the 1-Series segment will have to wait until after BMW’s planned rollout for a new 1-Series hatchback in Europe, while the launch of both a 1-Series coupe and convertible versions are due sometime in 2014. Making the new 1-Series sedan more than likely a 2015 model.