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Elio Motors: Three wheels, 84mpg, and a 5-star crash rating all for $6,800

Elio Motors

There are a shocking number of eco-minded automotive upstarts in America. It’s shocking given the fact that Chrysler was the last – not counting Tesla – freestanding automaker launched in the U.S. to survive. Within the last few months two more went the way of the buffalo: Fisker Automotive and Coda.

In spite of the odds, a few men still have the audacity to give it a go. One of those men is Paul Elio, who created Elio Motors.

Based in Troy, Michigan, Elio Motors has just released a three-wheeled prototype.

The Elio trike looks a bit like the original Honda Insight that’s been on a crash diet. Despite its post-futuristic, kit-car looks, the Elio is kind of impressive. The prototype is reported to achieve 86mpg and Elio hopes it’ll be given a 5-star crash rating.

We’ll withhold our enthusiasm on those two figures until we see the final test results. The number that has us rather jazzed, however, is the anticipated asking price: $6,800. We freely admit we’d drive an eco trike for that little money. Other than our dignity, what do we have to lose?

The Elio Motors trike will be built in former General Motors assembly plant in Shreveport, Louisiana and production is slated to begin next summer, according to The Detroit News.

Interested in one of the first Elio trikes? You can get in on the ground floor with a $100 reservation.

If an Elio can get 80+mpg, a great crash rating and comes out for under $7,000, will it make your city car list? Here’s their pitch video. Leave a comment below.

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