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Fiat delivers jolt of color, creativity with Panda-inspired concept electric vehicles

Fiat is taking a slightly more fun approach to developing EVs. The company is showing off a hefty five new EV concepts that show off what it thinks the future of electric cars will look like — and that will ultimately serve as inspiration for future EVs that will launch starting later this year.

The cars are inspired by the city cars built by Italian automaker Panda and will launch starting in July 2024 with a new city car. Fiat will then launch a new model each year for three more years. It’s unclear if the cars will launch in the U.S., though they could end up inspiring other future EVs that do launch in the U.S.

Discover the future of Fiat together with Olivier Francois, from Ginevra - Italy​

Unfortunately, Fiat hasn’t shared anything about the specifications of the cars, and we likely won’t hear details like that until the cars launch in their final forms to the public.

Fiat City Car

The first of the four concepts is the City Car concept, which is similar to the original Fiat Panda. It has a pretty square shape and two doors, and in the concept, it sports pink tires, which likely won’t make it to the production model. Also included is a pixel light design at the front of the car, which is reminiscent of the Ioniq 5 — and even more prominent. Perhaps even more interesting is the interior of the car, which, again, will likely not make it to production. The interior has a modular dashboard with seats that look more like outdoor lounge chairs than seats for a car. It’s fun to look at — but probably not practical for real-world use.

Fiat SUV

The next concept car is built as a spacious SUV for families. It has oversized wheels and a dual-tone color scheme. Fiat showcased an EV variant, along with hybrid and gas-powered variants — though we’ll have to wait and see if all of those powertrain options see a launch.

Fiat Camper

Third up is a Panda camper, which is taller than the SUV and has what looks to be all-terrain tires and a roof rack. There’s an integrated ladder and even an integrated windmill to generate power.

Fiat Pickup Truck

Fourth is the Panda pickup truck, which has a smaller cargo bed and a full-width tailgate, though the bed doesn’t really look all that large. Perhaps more interesting are the lights that can be removed from the front of the car and installed on the roof rack.

Fiat Fastback

Last but not least is the hatchback, which is built with a sportier design and a fastback body style. It, too, has oversized wheels and a dual-tone color scheme with pixel lights on the tail.

If these cars ever see the light of day, there’s a lot that won’t make it to production — but it’s still a fun look and an interesting showcase for where Fiat thinks these cars could go in the near future.

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