Fisker offers up a quick teaser of Nina plug-in hybrid ahead of New York Auto Show


Ahead of the upcoming New York Auto Show, Fisker Automotive just released a teaser image of its new Nina plug-in hybrid. As you can see, there isn’t really much to go off of. From what we can tell, the Nina seems to slightly resemble the Karma, albeit without such an elongated front end.

Other than a rough outline of the Nina’s appearance, the only other nugget of information we have on Fisker’s latest is that it will be about the size of a BMW 5 Series, and be powered by a four-cylinder BMW engine. There are also rumors going around that production on the Nina could begin as early as 2013. Although that is purely speculative at the moment, so we’ll take that with a grain salt. We’ll definitely learn more once the show approaches in a few weeks time.

While some eyebrows may raise at the idea of Fisker bringing another vehicle to production – seeing as how they have yet to fully sort out issues with the Karma – we think the Nina could be exactly what the automotive doctor has ordered. If all goes smoothly with the Nina, Fisker will not only be able to divert attention from all the negativity surrounding the Karma, but also reach out to a larger consumer base that, well you know, doesn’t have $100,000+ laying around for a luxury hybrid sports sedan. Of course, that also depends on the company keeping its financial situation in order.