Ford shies away from turbos and sticks with a blower for the 2014 Mustang Cobra Jet

Mustang Cobra Jet Twin-Turbo Concept

Imagine our disappointment this morning when we learned that the 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet factory drag racer would not include the twin-turbo powerplant we had been shown at the last SEMA show.

Superchargers need extra engine power just to operate. That’s why turbos made so much sense. As a Ford press release put it, “When done right, turbocharging is just as good as or better than supercharging.” Given that sort of turbo bragging, we were virtually certain the 2014 Cobra Jet would be turbocharged. How wrong we were.

The 2013 Cobra Jet featured a 2.9-liter supercharger, which itself draws up to 100 horsepower – bolted to a 5.0-liter V8. Apparently, so will the 2014.

So what will the not-so-street-legal Cobra Jet cost you? $97,990 – before paint and graphics. But just like the COPO Camaro we reported on earlier this month, the Cobra Jet drag racer will be a part of a limited run; only 50 will be made, and it is sure to become an instant classic.

Despite our disappointment in the powertrain choices, we have to admit the Cobra Jet is pretty cool, if a NHRA Stock or Super Stock racer from the factory registers on your cool gauge.

If you’re interested in the Cobra Jet, call up your local Ford dealer with this part number: M-FR500-CJ. Orders are first come, first serve so you’ll want to act fast. The Cobra Jets hit the production line in July and will be delivered in time for the 2014 race season, according to MotorAuthority.

If you want a bit more of a hands-on buying experience for your $100,000 drag racer, go with the COPO Camaro instead. You can opt-in to help build your engine at the factory when you buy the Camaro.