This four-door 2015 Mustang should be called the ‘Third Base Mobile’

Now that the 2015 Mustang is out, theories, speculation, and renders of what Ford could do with the new bodystyle and underpinnings will certainly run rampant. None, however, are as striking as this four-door Mustang rendering.

Admittedly, Ford will never build it. Really, though, it should.

A Mustang sedan just makes sense. It has the power and driving dynamics of a pony car but with the usability of, well, a sedan. While I wasn’t really sold on the idea of a sedan muscle car, the Chevy SS won me over with its ability to live in both the sports car and family car worlds. And as great as the Ford Fusion is, I’d rather buy a Mustang-based road king.

Think about the way a car like this could change an entire generation. Fathers already shudder when they imagine a Mustang pulling up out front to pick up their daughters on date night. Imagine if that 17-year-old kid’s Mustang had not only a 400+ horsepower V8 but also a full, easily accessible backseat.

Come to think of it, Ford could just call it the ‘Third Base Mobile’.

This isn’t the first time someone has crafted a four-door Mustang; a Concept was built in 1965 (see photo gallery above). Frankly, we wish it, too had been built.

I dare say the reign of four-door sports cars is coming to a close. The 2015 Subaru WRX out-handles the BRZ. Lamborghini is planning an SUV. And, heck, even Porsche’s four-door models outsell their coupes.

So here’s my plea to Ford: please build the four-door Mustang. And once you’re done, you can hand the package off to Lincoln Motor Company so that it can make a Cadillac-fighting luxury sports sedan, giving it at least a fighting chance at survival. Thank you.

(Main photo credit: Road & Track)

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