Must go faster! GeigerCars tunes the Jeep Wrangler to 356 horsepower

If Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcom had been riding in one of these in Jurassic Park, that T.rex would’ve never stood a chance.

German tuner GeigerCars has tuned the Jeep Wrangler Sport to an impressive 356 horsepower by way of a supercharger upgrade. We figure that to be sufficient enough when outrunning rampaging dinosaurs across mud or asphalt.

Most scientists agree that the Tyrannosaurus rex could only run about 18 mph, though, so the big Theropoda probably wouldn’t be a huge threat to cars with an unobstructed getaway path.

Better safe than sorry.

Outside of a 71-hp boost, GeigerCars’ Wrangler has an improved torque figure of 308 pound-feet, which is made possible by an ECU remap, custom cold air box, and a quad exhaust setup that “delivers a sporty, mellifluous soundtrack.” Stock, the vehicle’s 3.6-liter V6 makes 285 hp and 260 lb-ft.

The plucky Jeep is an off-roading icon, so GeigerCars has taken great care in selecting its suspension upgrades. A 2.5-inch lift kit, Bilstein dampers, and 305/70 Mickey Thompson tires fit the bill, and do the stout 18-inch alloys.

There’s also a bull bar and metal skid plate to protect the Wrangler Sport’s front end, and at the back, Geiger bolted a special carrier for a spare wheel and water tank.

The supercharged sport utility wears a roll bar on top as well, one that provides extra safety for the occupants while also acting as a mount for five trail-brightening LEDs.

The Jeep is finished with a brilliant orange paintjob, one that sports a tire tread design on the grill, hood, and roof. If it’s used how it’s designed to be, though, that bright finish will simply be an undercoat to a lovely shade of brown.