Geneva 2013: Lamborghini’s venomous V12 Veneno hyper car unmasked ahead of official debut

Just when you think Lamborghini has given up its old ways and settled on building less-than-insane supercars, they go ahead and do something like this and blow us all away.

The absolutely mental-looking car you see above is called the Veneno, which is Spanish for poison. The Veneno was slated to be revealed tomorrow but was leaked by a Czech site called, which has the bad habit of leaking these types of things a bit too early.

The latest out-of-this-world Italian hypercar is powered by a 6.5-liter V12 engine producing750 horsepower with a fast-shifting 7-speed ISR transmission. With 5 driving modes and permanent all-wheel drive, the Veneno should be as fast as it looks. As if that power output wasn’t enough, carbon fiber was used throughout the Veneno, which makes it lightweight and even faster.

Lamborghini will only produce four of these venomous vehicles; three for sale and one for the Geneva show floor. High-rolling Lambo enthusiasts have dibs on all three production models, which sold for $4.6-milluon each. So if you were hoping to go sit in one at your local dealership and make engine sounds while the sales staff glares at you, think again.

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