Gone in 60 paychecks: ‘Eleanor’ Mustang GT 500 headed for auction

The unicorn of Randall ‘Memphis’ Raines is bound for the roads again.

Affectionately named ‘Eleanor’ by Nicholas Cage’s character in Gone in 60 Seconds, the film’s 1967 Mustang fastback will be auctioned off at Mecum’s Austin event, scheduled for December 12th and 13th of this year.

There were many props cars used in the 2000 remake, but Mecum says this is actually one of three driven by Cage on screen, with Angelina Jolie riding shotgun. Seven custom Mustangs were built by Cinema Vehicle Services of Hollywood in total.

Eleanor’s movie feats were a tad cartoony (it outpaced a 178-mph Helicopter while driving over wet tarmac), but the GT 500 is a very capable car.

It houses a 351 (5.7-liter) V8 engine under its bulging hood, with a Holley 700 CFM four-barrel carburetor and high-volume fuel pump along for the ride. The motor’s power is transferred to the road via a 4-speed manual, which uses a Positraction rear end to keep the car going straight. Which it almost never does in the film.

The car also wears 4-wheel disc brakes, air conditioning, a trick Lecarra steering wheel and a huge tachometer above the steering wheel.

Cage’s film career may be far removed from his “Put the bunny back in the box” glory days, but he is an avid car collector. You may just see the bird–haired actor at the Mecum auction, hoping to buy his ride back.

Or, he could just steal it. We hear he’s good at stealing things.

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Another Eleanor Mustang from the film was auctioned at Mecum last year, fetching $1,000,000 in Indianapolis.

Christmas lists are still being finalized guys, just saying.

(Photos via Mecum Auctions)