Gumpert gives glimpse into reliability of its new supercar, calls it “Explosion”

Gumpert is a small German supercar maker that has always been at the brink of collapse. Despite this, the company manages to stay just barely alive, barely eking out an existence. In the face of its imminent collapse, Gumpert has brought a new production model to the Geneva Motor Show this year, amusingly named the “Explosion”.

If you asked the everyday person what a Gumpert was, a majority would have a look on their face like you just asked them about some obscure Lord of the Rings reference. However, Gumpert is a small German auto manufacturer that has brought an explosive new car to the Geneva Motor Show – literally.

Gumpert’s new car, the Explosion, is a production-intended coupe that is due to be released later this year. According to Car Scoops, the model comes with two seats and a striking similarity to the Audi Quattro.

An unidentified engine that puts out 420 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque powers the Explosion. The fate-taunting supercar is also rumored to have a 0 to 60 time less than 3.0 seconds and all-wheel drive.

The coupe features a lightweight construction made up of carbon, glass-fiber plastic, and aluminum.

Gumpert founder and namesake Roland Gumpert stated: “We want to convey to all those drivers who love motorsports what it feels like to sit behind the wheel of a rally car.”

The price to drive the explosive new coupe is set at $144,000. This might sound a bit steep, but Gumpert’s future is perennially uncertain, so a new Gumpert should never be overlooked.

(Photo credit: Car Scoops)