Honda Chopper motorcycle: A concept bike that would make Marty McFly proud

We would probably run out of room and  into some arguments if we tried listing off all the sources of inspiration that influenced the Honda Chopper, we happen to think it mixes a healthy splash of anime with a futuristic eighties flair, but only designer Peter Norris would be able to settle that dispute for sure.

What we can say with a certainty —  is that this sleek and futuristic concept is impressive and saddens us simply because it is just that, a concept. Otherwise this sexy piece of futuristic machinery features a strikingly long suspension, an unorthodox feet-forward position, and brilliant LED lighting along its front and rear. Add to the design two electric motors placed into each wheel hub making it easy on the eyes as well as the environment, and you have a dazzling concept that leaves us begging for a time machine so we could travel into the future and buy one.

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