Honda Civic Type R given the green light?

Honda Civic Type R given the green light?

Are you a fan of Honda’s performance-tuned hatchback? Wishing a new breed of Civic Type R would get here already? Well you’re in luck (sort of) as reports suggest that a next generation Civic Type R is on its way.

Apparently, “company insiders” at Honda have confirmed to Autocar that the Japanese automaker will officially announce the Civic Type R at this year’s Paris Motor Show, with plans to debut the speedy, hot hatch at the Geneva Motor Show next year.

The triumphant return of the Type R has been speculated for some time now, but if reports prove true car could go on sale as early as March of 2013.

As of yet nothing has been confirmed, but certainly some big changes are expected to make their way into the next-gen CTR. Honda will reportedly do away with the current interation’s existing naturally aspirated K20 VTEC – which had difficulty meeting Euro emissions regulations, subsequently causing its demise – in favor of a new 210 horsepower, 2.0-liter turbocharged Mugen-developed four-cylinder. On top of newly designed engine and heightened bodywork, expect to see further enhancements like larger wheels and tires, upgraded brakes, as well as a sport-tuned suspension.

Of course this is all just speculation and concrete details have yet to materialize. Still, we’re exciting to see how a next CTR pans out. 

Now for the bad news — at least for those of us in U.S. – we don’t anticipate snagging the keys to Honda’s race ready Civic to be an easy ordeal. Like with most Type R models, it’s highly unlikely the Civic Type R will make its way to our salty shores, and instead be restricted to Japan and Europe only.

It’s okay though, at least you have the weekend to look forward to.