American muscle and Barbie Kei cars? Honda’s Tokyo Auto Salon lineup features both

If motor shows in Frankfurt or Detroit are reserved for anticipated model reveals and sophisticated displays, the Tokyo Auto Salon is a big dress-up party.

Every year, automakers from around the globe present wacky (and sometimes tacky) concepts in Chiba City, and 2015 doesn’t look to be any different.

Honda has just released its lineup for the event, which is highlighted by a custom N-BOX SLASH inspired by American muscle.

The N-BOX, a compact Kei car for the Japanese market, was just released on December 22nd. With its checkered flag wheels, ‘Route 16’ decals, bold striping, and flame-spouting headlights, the supermini show car is either a gaudy fail or a brilliant troll of American culture. We’ll let you decide which is which.

On the other side of the spectrum, Honda will present a Barbie-themed N-BOX in Tokyo. The boxy people-carrier comes complete with bubble gum pink accents, Barbie logos aplenty, and more pre-teen pizzazz than you can shake a stick at. It’s, um, different.

Honda’s Cyber Concept N-BOX Slash Code: 89 strips away the cute, safe styling of the production car in favor of geometrically enhanced futuristic aesthetics, with a wide-mouthed front fascia that looks like something out of Star Wars. We’re not sure what Slash Code: 89 refers to, but we’re guessing it has something to do with hexagons.

Also headed for the auto salon is a Mugen-designed Legend, which is known as the Acura RLX in American markets. It’s by far the most conservative of the bunch, with a carbon fiber splitter, subtle rear spoiler, and custom alloys that actually look pretty good on the four-door.

The Tokyo Auto Salon runs from January 9th to the 11th.