This hybrid-powered Morgan concept sketch looks like a WWII-era Batmobile

Morgan Hybrid Sketch

Everyone is good at something: JJ Abrams has lens flares, Paula Deen has deep-frying, and Michael Bay has explosions (and the desecration of our childhoods).

There’s also a gentleman named Danielle Peligra, and apparently he has a thing for automotive concept sketches.

An Italian artist out of Siracusa, Italy, Peligra has been making his name penning eye-catching conceptual designs, including a Ferrari LMP1 that looks like a spaceship and a Lamborghini VenenoSV that would look right at home with the Street Sharks.

Top Gear has just released images of Peligra’s latest envisioning, a hybrid concept by Morgan.

Morgan Hybrid Sketch

The concept sketch only exists on paper at the moment, but the hybrid embodies many of the attributes that make Morgan unique.

Peligra’s concept is based on the Morgan Aero Coupe, itself a vehicle that looks like it was plucked straight out of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The Italian artist has modernized it a bit, giving it a squished rear end reminiscent of the BMW X6, but it actually looks good here. The raked air vents are classic Morgan, though, as are the exaggerated fenders and shooting brake silhouette.

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Morgan has always had a quirky style, but on his website, Peligra notes that what makes Morgan different is how the vehicles make you feel when you drive them.

“The essential both in aesthetics and technology makes luxury of the spirit,” he says. “The ornament gives space to the art, as well as the shape and design of the product discovers the thrill through the artisan culture of hand manufacture typical of Morgan Style with Italian design influences.”

One look at the hybrid Morgan’s swooping lines and aggressive stance, and I’d say this car would make you feel pretty special. 

(Images via Top Gear and Danielle Peligra)