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MyHyundai could be the first carmaker-specific Android Auto app

Hyundai Android Auto
The convenience of Android Auto isn’t hard to come by these days, but just last year, the smartphone projection system was a bit more scarce. The program was only available on aftermarket head units initially, but Hyundai broke the proverbial seal by becoming the first automaker to offer the system in a production car with the 2015 Sonata. At Google I/O 2016, the brand is expected to cross yet another milestone in smartphone connectivity.

Hyundai will debut the MyHyundai application at the event, which could be the first automaker-specific Android Auto app to hit the market. While still in its concept stages, the system includes a variety of exclusive features including Hyundai Roadside Assistance, monthly vehicle reports, maintenance alerts, and a Valet Mode that notifies the driver if their vehicle exits a pre-determined boundary. Sorry kids, that means the joy rides are over.

MyHyundai Android Auto app

More importantly, however, MyHyundai may signify a huge shift in the world of automotive infotainment. Typically, carmakers have their own dedicated user interface and offer Android Auto or Apple CarPlay connectivity over the top of it, however in many cases people opt for the mobile option and bypass the factory offering altogether. MyHyundai does not require the driver to exit the Android Auto interface to use other vehicle functions, and while you won’t be able to access climate control or other core functions just yet, it could represent a whole new chapter in how motorists interact with their cars.

MyHyundai Android Auto app

The look and feel of MyHyundai will likely change before it’s released later this year, so expect additional features to be announced in the coming months. Currently, Android Auto is available in more than 100 new vehicles and third-party head units, and countless more are on the way.

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