iM ready! Scion unveils Toyota Auris-sourced concept for LA Auto Show

Scion iM Concept

As expected, Scion’s lineup is beginning to mature.

The Toyota sub-brand recently cut the quirky (but slow-selling) iQ, a second-gen FR-S is reportedly on the way, and this week, ahead of the 2014 LA Auto Show, the Japanese automaker digitally unveiled the Auris-sourced iM Concept car. The sporty five-door hatchback will replace the xB in the brand’s current lineup.

Scion originally teased the concept late last month by partially revealing the iM’s front fascia and wheel design. From the images, we gathered that the five-door would be compact, sporty, and tailored for the younger crowd, and these details turned out to be the centerpieces of the iM’s ethos.

“Young people just need a vehicle to get them, and all their gear, to their destination in style,” Scion said in a release. “The new Scion iM Concept car is designed with that in mind.”

The ‘Incrediblue’ hatchback is a relatively dramatic departure from the family-friendly Auris, with 19-inch alloys, lowered suspension, center-exit exhaust, and an aggressive body kit driving the point home. According to the company, the iM’s look was “inspired by those seen on the European touring car racing circuit.”

Scion iM Concept

“The tastes of today’s younger buyers have evolved,” said Scion Vice President Doug Murtha. “They want a car that provides excitement and individuality, as well as the comfort, technology and reliability that Scion offers.”

There’s no official word on what powers the iM, but the Auris’ wide range of four-cylinders are the most logical option. Powertrain choices currently include a 1.8-liter four with 148 horsepower, a 136-hp hybrid unit, and a smattering of smaller choices.

The iM will be fully revealed at the LA Auto Show November 19th.