I spy: Scion teases iM Concept Car ahead of LA Auto Show debut

Scion iM

It looks like the second wave of Scions is finally beginning to crest.

The Toyota sub-brand teased a new concept today called the iM, which will debut next month at the LA Auto Show. Details on the new car are sparse at the moment, but the Japanese automaker did release a couple close up shots of the vehicle.

Given the small hood and snub front bumper, we can tell that the iM will be a very compact car. It also looks pretty sporty, with drilled brake rotors up front, large calipers, stylish alloys, and a very low ride height.

“The iM Concept car reflects the evolution of Scion as the needs and desires of its youthful customers also evolve,” the brand said in a statement.

Scion iM

From the side, the iM looks to have a third-gen Subaru Impreza-esque front profile, albeit with a much shorter wheelbase and probably minus the hood scoop. It also wears a heavily contoured front bumper that features expressive lighting and large air inlets.

In fact, it looks awfully similar to the Toyota Auris at first glance, a small hatchback not currently sold in the U.S. In July, we reported that the boxy xB would be cut next year in favor of a small compact. Could this be Scion’s Auris interpretation for the American market?

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In addition to the iM, Scions has filed trademark applications for the names iA, iD, tD, tR, tS, and tZ. That means more new models are probably on the way.

In other Scion news, Toyota Europe’s Executive Vice President Karl Schlicht recently teased a second generation FR-S/GT86 sports car, saying, “We are pretty serious about keeping the GT86 pure, and keeping a car like that in our lineup.”

We expect the iM to be unveiled in LA November 19th.