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The 10 best car battery brands in 2024

How to test a car battery
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You must know this, but your car needs a battery to run properly. A dead battery means a car won’t start, but various electronics in the car won’t work properly either, including overhead dome lights, the radio, and even some security features, like door locks or alerts. So, it’s in your best interest to ensure your vehicle’s battery is in tip-top shape at all times. It’s especially important if your car or vehicle sits unused for long periods. A trickle charger can help keep the battery powered in those situations, or worst case, a portable jump starter can help you get it going. But eventually, you’re going to need to replace your battery, and it will help to know the best car battery brands out there so you know precisely what to replace your old one with. Let’s discuss.

AC Delco

In operation for more than a century, AC Delco has been recommended as “the only batteries” for GM vehicles. You’ll find them at retailers like AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Amazon, and even some Walmarts. They’re reliable, reasonably priced, and come with a good warranty, 18 months or above, depending on where you buy. A great AC Delco battery to call out is the Advantage series.


Bosch is a solid mid-grade battery provider both in quality and price. They do have some affordable options, but their premium lines are still reasonably priced, with several tiers available for a wide variety of vehicles. The downside is that Bosch batteries are not carried by all retailers like some of the other options on our list, but you can find them online. You can also visit a Bosch service center if there’s one near you. Callouts are the S4 to S6 series and the T4 to T6 series. We will say the brand’s four-year free replacement warranty is unmatched.


Dakota only offers Lithium batteries but they come with an incredible warranty, up to 11 years for some of their products. They’re also more expensive, but reliability is never in question when you have a Dakota. Unfortunately, you may have a hard time finding them at local retailers and stores, but they are available online through Amazon.


Not to be confused with the Bruce Willis series — which we absolutely adore — the DieHard brand did collaborate with John McClane in a popular marketing campaign. Anyway, the point is that DieHard batteries last a really long time, and, unsurprisingly, that’s pretty realistic. The brand is reliable, with a great selection of performance tiers and compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. You might pay a little more for DieHard’s lead-acid and AGM batteries, but it’s well worth the cost. Most warranties offer coverage for up to two to four years after purchase.


You may recognize EverStart as Walmart’s store-brand batteries, which are relatively well-reviewed, affordable, and versatile — they’re compatible with many types of vehicles. The multi-year warranty is also great, especially if you live near a Walmart. If you’re in a bind and need a battery fast, EverStart is certainly a viable option. Although, if you have access to some of the other brands on this list, you might consider an alternative first. Some callouts are the Maxx and Platinum AGM series.


Interstate batteries have been available through Costco and several other retailers since the early 1950s. The brand is well-known, with some decent warranties, from 18 months to 48 months, for their more expensive products. If they’re available locally, don’t shy away, but do know that they are not usually produced by any one manufacturer. Instead, they come from various facilities as opposed to Exide or Delphi-made batteries. Callouts include the MTX and MTZ AGM series.


Produced by Clarios, Ford Motorcraft is nothing short of a legendary auto battery maker. If you own a Ford and you want to go with an OEM battery, Motorcraft is the way to go. You’ll find them at many retailers, like O’Reilly Auto Parts or Walmart. They’re priced well, if not a bit more expensive than the cheaper options, compatible with a range of Ford trucks and cars, and come with a 36-month (three-year) free replacement warranty. Notable Motorcraft batteries are the BAGM and VMAX variants.


It’s a shame Odyssey isn’t as popular in the battery world as some of the other brands on this list, at least not as widely known as it should be. Its batteries, like the Extreme series, are reliable and have long shelf lives, and the company offers a welcome four-year full replacement warranty. You’ll find them at NAPA, Advance, Walmart, Amazon, and more.


For over 40 years, Optima has offered a range of battery products for cars, trucks, RVs, and marine vessels. It also offers a few battery chargers if you want to try your hand at recharging your existing battery. They’re not cheap, but they are super reliable and come with an excellent warranty. Callouts include Optima REDTOP and POWERSPORTS.

XS Power

Quite new when compared to other battery brands on the list, XS Power has made its mark on the industry by providing overpowered batteries for a range of applications, including commercial and military use. You’ll find them at third-party retailers and online, such as Amazon, Walmart, and, oddly enough, . They specialize in AGM and Lithium variants, no lead-acid, with high-performance use being the focus. Most batteries have a one to three-year warranty with a 60-day risk-free guarantee from the brand.

How we chose these car battery brands

how to change a car battery
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Here are some of the factors we considered when choosing battery brands for our list:


A battery should last for years at a time, with the best and most reliable lasting beyond five years of use. The quality of the battery is as important as the materials and design. All of the brands on our list offer decent quality batteries, usually with the option to purchase premium tier products for a higher price.


All battery brands on our list are known to be reliable, with positive reviews across various marketplaces. We cannot monitor everything bad that happens, however, and there will always be some exceptions. For the most part, these batteries should be able to handle extended use and in varying temperatures or climates.


Every battery on our list has some kind of after-purchase warranty, with the best of the best offering extended coverage for years at a time.


Batteries aren’t compatible with every make or model of a vehicle, not to mention that they come in a variety of sizes — you’ll need to look up the right size for your vehicle before buying anything. All of the batteries on our list have a good selection of compatibility options, so you should always be able to find something for your car.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your car battery?

If your car battery is old, the terminals are failing, or your car won’t start, these are some clear signs you need a new battery. You might also consider getting a new car battery if you experience the following:

  • You have to jump-start your car often.
  • The battery smells funny or has a strong odor.
  • You notice your battery or its enclosure is bulging or warped.
  • Your car has difficulty starting.
  • Your car battery is older than five years.

Especially if you’re experiencing several of these issues at once, you need a new battery.

Where is the best place to buy a new car battery?

Most retailers, online or traditional brick-and-mortar, carry a limited selection of car batteries. If your car is older than ten years, you may have to order and wait. Otherwise, most stores should carry what you require.

As for where you buy the battery, that’s entirely up to you. If you want to pay a professional to install it, make sure you choose a location that offers the service, like Walmart’s auto department, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, or similar locations. If you don’t mind installing the battery yourself, you can buy it online and pick it up in-store or have it shipped to your home through somewhere like Amazon.

What do I do with my old battery?

Retailers will charge you $10 to $20 extra when you buy a new battery, which can be refunded when you return your old one. They’ll tell you exactly where to go to recycle your old battery, which usually entails just taking it back to the counter or location where you bought your new one. Don’t ever throw your old car battery in the trash. It must be dealt with appropriately.

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