Infiniti prices its new 2014 Q50 and Q50 Hybrid models

Infiniti Q50Read out full 2014 Infiniti Q50S review.

Infiniti has announced the pricing on the 2014 Q50 sedan, which ranges from $36,700 for the rear-wheel drive 3.7-liter V6-powered entry-level model up to $48,150 for the top-end Q50S Hybrid AWD model.

If you’re confused about which vehicle the Q50 is – don’t be, it’s new. As you might recall Infiniti recently re-vamped its naming structure. The Q50 is the first new model to feature the new moniker. The Q50 stands where the G-line of cars used to lie.

Infiniti brags that the new Q50 Hybrid features “one of the fastest accelerating hybrid engines and, at 36-mpg highway, one of the most fuel-efficient powertrains in the segment.”

Based upon the M Hybrid we drove last year, there’s not doubting that claim. While that car was ridiculously quick, it was also wildly infuriating. When in “Eco” mode, the gas pedal would push back on your foot, limiting your throttle application. We have to give Infiniti some credit for this unique design; we also have to wonder why they did it at all. It made the driver feel as if his or her leg wasn’t working.

We hope the Q50 hybrid doesn’t apply the same bizarre throttle pedal behaviors as its bigger brother.

The Q50 is on pre-sale right now on Infiniti’s website. If you’d rather buy from the dealer, though, you can do so starting in early July.

At first glance at the pricing scheme, without knowing how it drives, we think the Q50 seems well-priced. This, of course, could change as soon as we get behind the wheel. So check back later this year after we’ve driven the thing.