Jaguar F-TYPE to get manual transmission and all-wheel drive?

Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe front angle

Here at Digital Trends we love the Jaguar F-TYPE more than most of our relatives. And unfortunately for the people we know and care about, it might be about to get even better, because rumor has it, the F-TYPE is getting a manual and all-wheel drive, according Motor Trend’s Joel Lieberman.

I can’t comment on future product, but certainly there is a lot of interest in high performance F-TYPE and how we will continue to develop the product,” Stuart Schorr, Jaguar Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, told Digital Trends. Although Jaguar clearly won’t confirm the story, I really hope it is true.

Currently the F-TYPE is rear-wheel drive only and comes with a wondrous eight-speed,  ZF-sourced paddle shift gearbox.

That transmission is great, but even if sports car buyers opt for an automatic or paddle shift box these days, the F-TYPE’s competitors, the Corvette Stingray and Porsche 91,1 both offer manuals.

What’s more, the absence of a manual in the F-TYPE seems to be preventing it from reaching its true destiny as a modern-day E-TYPE. I think that a manual would be especially welcome on the V6, as a way to get the most out of the smaller supercharged motor.

As for all-wheel drive, the absence is less strongly felt. The car makes a lot of sense as a pure rear-wheel drive sports car, and I for one would rather keep it that way. But the option of all-wheel drive is nice, particularly for people who want to have a caddish Jag experience despite living in Northern climes.

If true, though both of these additions to the F-TYPE just help put even further to the forefront of the sports car segment, and makes me even more willing to sell a kidney to get my hands on one.