Kia drops the beat with its new Track’ster concept


With its catchy ads, visual flare, and growing list of awards, Kia has had unmistakable success with its diminutive and boxy four-door Soul. Now the Korean Automaker is readying, what it hopes, will be another hit with its new Track’ster concept.

Set to make a grand appearance at next week’s Chicago Auto Show, the Track’ster is another Soul variant that would hopefully offer a beefier drivetrain for consumers looking for that extra punch in power.

While we only have this design sketch to go off of, we like what we see so far. The massive wheels, streamlined design, and lowered body height give the Track’ster a sleek form factor that could resonate very well with consumers. It looks like the front end design will offer an even more aggressive feel to it – making it an aesthetic treat.

If Kia can get the price and powertrain right, and if it even decides to give the Track’ster the green production light, this just might be another track in Kia’s catalogue worth listening to.


[Update: Added picture of Kia Track’ster rear-end on 2/6/2012.]