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Lamborghini’s Miura celebrates its 50th birthday by roaring through the Alps

Lamborghini Miura 50th
Lamborghini has re-created the opening scene from the hit 1969 movie The Italian Job to celebrate the Miura’s 50th birthday.

Two flawless examples of one of the best-known — and most valuable — classic Lamborghinis were taken from the company’s official museum in its hometown of Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, and sent to the picturesque Italian Alps. The cars were driven spiritedly through the hairpin turns of State Road 27 and around the Great St. Bernard mountain pass. Fear not, classic cars fans, they were both returned to the museum in one piece, not crashed into a bulldozer at the end of a tunnel and mercilessly pushed into a river like the orange one that stars in The Italian Job.

Lamborghini made the occasion even more special by reuniting the men who helped turn the Miura from a dream into a reality. The event was attended by Gian Paolo Dallara and Paolo Stanzani, the engineers who are credited with helping make the Miura drive and handle as well as it does, and Marcello Gandini, the famous designer who created the coupe’s iconic design while working for Bertone.

Re-creating the opening scene from the movie was easier said than done. The Great St. Bernard Pass is usually closed, but it was opened up for the two Miuras. Additionally, the cars were escorted by vehicles from Anas, the state-owned company that builds and maintains roads in Italy, and by members of the Italian police force.

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The Miura’s birthday bash is far from over. Lamborghini will organize the first-ever Miura Tour next month, an event that’s open to Miura owners from all around the world. Starting from the Lamborghini factory outside of Bologna, participants will drive through Tuscany on some of the region’s most scenic roads and end the trip in Florence.

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