Let’s hope Lamborghini’s next supercar is a lot cooler than its hype campaign

lamborghini ruins new car even released ad

Sometimes viral marketing works. Sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes it fails so completely that it is painful to look at.

Guess which one Lamborghini went with?

The teaser campaign for Lambo’s new car, the replacement for the Gallardo is just about the worst example of a forced attempt at cool advertising I have ever seen.

In the video dubbed the “hexagon project”, we follow three feckless English 27-year-old children on their journey to break into the Lamborghini factory to get the first look at the car. The first video covered waking up and eating breakfast while annoying the main character’s girlfriend … and the six people watching the video.

The second video covers their tour of the Lamborghini museum and their stupid and gross attempts to hit on the tour guide. Seriously guys, I don’t care if this is scripted; you should be ashamed of yourselves. If that weren’t bad enough, we end on them hiding in the factory locker room trying to film the same tour guide changing. If you’re keeping score: We have breaking and entering and rapey peeping tom behavior. Way to go Lambo!

After sitting through four minutes of that, we get to the just released third video. This one features our three morons wandering through the factory, which is populated by janitorial staff, none of which seem to possess the senses of sight or hearing – and we still haven’t seen the damn car.

I cover cars for a living. I love sports cars more than I should. But there is no way I would buy a plane ticket and break into a factory to see a new car and certainly not an entry-level Lambo.

The biggest shame of all this is that the new Lambo, possibly called the Huracan, is likely to be really good. It should have 600 or more horsepower and be aimed at taking down the incredible Ferrari 458. That sounds great right?

Except now I am honor bound to hate it, because of these videos.

Damn you Lamborghini!