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Lamborghini, seen as sinister, wants to be less Darth Vader and more Luke Skywalker

Former Lamborghini COO Michael Lock believes that the small supercar company suffers from a sinister image: “If I bring home a Lamborghini, what will my wife say? Am I cheating? Lamborghinis are associated with socially illicit behavior.”

While some automakers might very well love appealing to baddies, Lambo is keen to fight the reputation. Accordingly, the Italian automaker plans to release new models with the hope that this image can be softened. Essentially, Lambo wants to be less Darth Vader and more Luke Skywalker.

Which car will take the first stab at making Lambo more friendly and less nefarious? Oddly enough, it’ll be the Urus SUV. Sure, to you it’s a hyper family-hauler, but it still looks just as villainous as any Lambo before it.

The all-new Huracan, too, might help soften the sinister image. Its looks, as I am sure you have noticed, are far tamer than its predecessor, the Gallardo.

The Urus also solves another issue facing Lambo: dealerships. Lock also told Car and Driver in December that at least three models are necessary for the company to have standalone dealerships. At the current moment, of 29 states currently selling Lamborghinis, the only standalone dealership is in West Palm Beach.

So there we have it. Good news for that certain super-rich fellow or gal who’s wanted a Lamborghini but didn’t want to look like a fiend. Your raging bull days are just around the corner.

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