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Redesigned Land Rover Defender is positively teeming with new tech

The whiz kids at Land Rover have been working overtime to bring a fresh kind of tech to the newly redesigned Defender. Land Rover claims that the most in-depth technology redesign in 70 years is coming to America in spring 2020.

Land Rover promises the new Defender 90 and 110 series vehicles will keep you connected, informed, and entertained. Land Rover Electronic Vehicle Architecture, dubbed EVA 2.0, is at the heart of this step up in technology. Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) updates ensure that the new Defender always has access to the latest software enabling the fast and intuitive new PIVI Pro infotainment system.

Advanced Bluetooth technology allows for two smartphones to be connected simultaneously. An optional On Line Package allows for unlimited music streaming. In front of the passenger, there is a smartphone pad for wireless charging as well.

For the driver, dynamic route assistance offers alternative routes if one is faster. Using machine learning, the new Defender learns the routes you are most familiar with to suggest ways to your destination.

Is your rearward vision impaired by passengers or packages? No problem, Land Rover has a rearview mirror that broadcasts what the the rear camera is capturing for an unimpaired view. Flip a switch and a normal mirror pops back into place. Another camera underneath shows off road conditions such as water level and objects in the road.

The high-resolution digital instruments can be configured to show a pair of conventional dials, full-screen 3D navigation guidance, or a combination of the two, allowing drivers to optimize the display to suit their individual preference. A new Generation 2 head-up display is designed to assist in reducing driver distraction. The full-color backlit TFT setup provides key information to the driver.

The new Land Rover Defender comes standard with six speakers or optional 10- and 14-speaker (both plus subwoofer) Meridian sound systems delivering 180W, 400W, or 700W of amplifier power respectively.

Land Rover has done the homework and come up with a dynamic new level of tech that Jeep, Mercedes. and Suzuki will surely be trying to catch up to for a while.

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