Everything is awesome about the Lego Ferrari F40 model kit

For those who have longed to build their very own Ferrari F40 but don’t have the chops for kit car or model building, Lego has got you covered. An officially licensed Lego model its on its way this year, and it’s packed with amazing, blocky details.

According to The Brick Fan, the snap-together super car joins other licensed car kits such as the Mini Cooper and Volkswagen t1 Camper Van.

Packed with 1,158 pieces, the the Lego F40 captures all the iconic things about the legendary supercar in that great way that the toymaker does, from the spoiler right down to the distinctive rims. Not only does the model include things one would expect, like working doors and wheels, there’s some fun specific mechanical functions, like flip-up headlights.

Even more fun is the fact that the twin turbo-charged, 2.9-liter V8 engine has been “Legofied,” being fully recreated in block from. Pop up the rear engine bay and remove the bumper, and the plastic power plant is fully removable for fans to inspect.

Inside, the steering wheel is emblazoned with the Ferrari logo, as well as housing red racing seats. If that level of detail wasn’t obsessive enough, the front luggage compartment is home to blocks representing repair tool kits.

Uberfans can get two and kitbash them to make a twin-engined Ferrari robot and call it “the Maranello Mecha Monster” if they’re creative enough. Thus is the joy and freedom of Lego.

When built, the mini-sports car will measures 5 inches in length and is about 3 inches tall. It will become available to lucky VIP members at the end of July, but opens up for public purchase August 1. Ferrari/Lego fans need to part with $89.99 to get building.