Liberace, your racecar is ready: Lexus unveils sparkly RC F GT3 racecar concept

The RC F GT3 makes my salivary glands absolutely overactive. Lexus has done it again by taking an already awesome coupe and turning it into a GT3 breadwinner. Even if it doesn’t ever go from concept to racecar, I will still drool over its outstanding looks.

The simplistic yet tactful purpose of the RC F GT3 concept is also embodied in classic formula for speed: power to weight. The light Lexus weighs in at a mere 2,755.8 pounds, while the base RC F’s V8 engine is re-tuned to produce a solid 540 horsepower.

This GT racer has features you’d expect from a racecar, including a tuned engine stolen from the ‘base’ RC F model. But what comes as a surprise, is the GT3’s looks.

Automotive purists all know that, to perfectly show off the true shape of a car, you have to paint it in white.. And in white, you can see Lexus is hiding nothing but pure bliss in the body of this beast.

To add flair, what can only be described as multi-chromatic vinyl, is used to give the RC F a unique  twist. The vinyl swirls around the racecar provide a cool approach that inspires a futuristic, fast feeling.

Vehicle testing will start this year, so plan to look for the RC GT3 on track in 2015.

Who else wants to see this blasting around the Nurburgring or Laguna Seca? Reply in the comments below.