McLaren helps customers pimp their rides with MSO Defined custom parts

McLaren is really pushing its McLaren Special Operations (MSO) personalization division, unveiling examples of the division’s handiwork at Goodwood and Pebble Beach this year.

That latest addition to MSO isn’t a new model, though, but rather a new program for customizing McLaren’s already-desirable supercars.

MSO Defined joins four other mini-divisions: MSO Bespoke, Limited, Heritage, and Programmes. With these five tiers, McLaren hopes to cover all of the bases when it comes to customer interest in personalized or special models.

MSO Defined’s area of operations will primarily be bolt-on carbon fiber parts. Items announced so far include an aerodynamic kit for the 650S, a full carbon-fiber rear deck, and carbon-fiber paddle shifters paired with an instrument cluster that includes Formula One-style shift lights.

So maybe MSO Defined is a more upscale version of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Sport or BMW M Sport lines of moderately-upgraded cars.

Things get more involved as buyers move to the other levels. MSO Bespoke will design entire one-off models for customers, while MSO Limited will build limited-editions with more substantial upgrades than those offered by MSO Defined.

In addition, MSO Heritage will handle the care of older McLaren models, while MSO Programmes will be responsible for the upcoming P1 GTR track car.

For customers who want the maximum amount of specialness with the minimal amount of complication, though, MSO Defined could be just the ticket. It gives buyers a way to add distinctive touches to their cars without having to design anything from scratch.