Euro tuners create the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG Black Series we’ve been waiting for

Like all good little hot hatches, such as the VW Scirocco R, the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG will not grace us with it’s presence here in the United States.

Though we won’t be seeing the A45 Stateside, we do receive its sedan brother, the CLA45. Just like the CLA45, the A45 is powered by the same 350+ horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-

cuylinder. Mercedes has yet to draw up a Black Series variant of the A45 so RevoZport and Mulgari have taken up the task. The stock AMG version comes with a few goodies, such as Ciruss White paint, matte Graphite Gray stripes on the hood, and a larger aerodynamics package. Red accents can be seen on the brake calipers, mirrors, rear wing, and front grille. The AMG also sits on special 19-inch blacked out wheels and gets the special interior touches of red to boot.

So what in the world are these two companies going to improve? The tuning companies went ahead and gave the A45 a carbon fiber front splitter, twin carbon canards, and blackened air intake surrounds. Combined with the yellow paint, the RevoZport and Mulgari A45 gives off a view of what an AMG-built Black Series variant might look like.

Unsurprisingly, the two tuning companies can’t truly rival Mercedes’ Black Series if they only stick to aesthetic upgrades. Power upgrades are currently under way for the smallest AMG model ever made. By any standards, the stock engine is powerful enough to get you into some serious trouble … or at least frighten your wife.

It will be interesting to see what aftermarket tuners will be able to do with the CLA45 and its European brother the A45. I personally cannot wait to find out.