Morgan reportedly adding hosepower to its wood-framed Plus 4 in Geneva

Morgan has been making the Plus 4 model since 1950, and it’s time for an update. No wonder one of its best-selling models still has a wooden frame.

The Morgan Plus 4 embodies every value of a classic British sports car. A four-cylinder engine that is as light as it is torque-y is used in combination with a lightweight chassis to create a potent power-to-weight ratio.

Like everything else these days, Morgan has heard the cry for more horsepower and gladly answered. Carscoops has informed us that the Morgan Plus 4 will receive a more powerful engine while staying true to its four-cylinder heritage. What will it use? The Plus 4 has the same reliable Ford Duratec as the Caterham Seven and uses a five-speed sourced from a Mazda Miata. A Morgan spokesman said it will be “by far the most powerful Plus 4 ever.”

I have always wanted to drive a Morgan, as the vintage styling combined with a modern powertain is highly alluring. Waking up on a brisk Sunday morning only to find a Morgan in my driveway is something I dream about every Saturday night. I wish a company would follow Morgan’s lead and create modern cars of old in a more affordable, easily accessible way … or for Morgan to lower its prices. Alas, this is why I still dream.   

This lightweight two-seater can only get better, so keep on sticking to the classic sports car style, Morgan.

Look for the Morgan Plus 4 and 3 Wheeler at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.